The distillery is situated in the Cool-Climate and picturesque Southern Highlands Region of New South Wales, Australia. Age old methods and hands on techniques are used to produce the finest spirits in traditional pot stills. The Australian climate grows some of the finest grapes, grain and the most aromatic botanicals and citrus fruits in the world. 

The best wine is carefully distilled to produce aromatic Eau de Vie spirit for ageing into Brandy. The highest quality Australian malted grains are carefully mashed into flavoursome Whiskys & Baijiu; whilst only fresh Australian citrus and the finest Australian and imported botanicals are used to make their Gins. 

Distillery Pots
The Distillery
Oak hogsheads

The unique Simetra Spirits are distilled with traditional pot still and rectified with multiple plate technology to produce the best quality spirits. Traditional pot stills include a 1,000 litre & 2 x 2,200 litre pot stills. The pot stills have been specifically designed to produce Gin, Eau De Vie, Brandy, Whisky and Chinese style Baijiu spirits. All spirits are hand bottled and packaged at the winery.

The brandy, whisky and selected baijiu are carefully aged in the finest French oak hogsheads that once matured their best wines.


The Simetra team welcomes importers worldwide to support the recognition & growth of their prestigious wines & spirits.

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